The Eagle and the Arrow

The Eagle & The Arrow, book, A.J. O'Connell, Vagabondage, Battered Suitcase, Beware the Hawk

Follow the tale of The Resistance with The Eagle & The Arrow, the sequel to Beware the Hawk, released by Battered Suitcase Press and available on Amazon and Smashwords.  

Being the director of a secret agent isn’t easy; we have almost no budget, all of our agents are stupid kids and extremists, and my boss is a corrupt senator, but it’s a decent job. Or it was, until a few months ago, when an important package disappeared and one of our agents went rogue, killing three men. Now she’s in Guantanamo and I’ve got orders to deal with her. Personally.

Praise for The Eagle & The Arrow:

“In The Eagle and the Arrow, A.J. O’Connell makes you an offer you can’t refuse. The story of Helen Roberts’ last days as The Director of “The Resistance,” a super secret government agency, is a spring loaded thriller. O’Connell’s taut, tart tale is packed with wickedly rich twists and turns, all of them navigated by a narrator whose cool wit and hard boiled insights keep you smiling even as the cold sweat pools at the base of your spine.”
Rachel Basch, author of The Passion of Reverend Nash and Degrees of Love

“In The Eagle and the Arrow, the smashing sequel to Beware the Hawk, A. J. O’Connell proves
once again that she is one smart, savvy writer. O’Connell’s prose snaps, crackles and pops;
it sizzles with the dark humor and satire that are the hallmarks of the best contemporary noir.
The Eagle and the Arrow is witty, fast-paced and, most of all, fun.”
Hollis Seamon, author of Corporeality and Somebody Up There Hates You

Praise for The Eagle & The Arrow from reviewers:

“If your interests are the smart, the funny, the snide and the thoughtful, don’t miss this little book. It is a true gem of Modern Americana with a twisted mindset…”  – Leiah Cooper,

“The Eagle and the Arrow is every bit as good as its predecessor, and maybe even a little bit more suspenseful.”- Alexis Arendt, Word Vagabond

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