Short Stories and Other Work

On Amazon:

short story, fiction, horrorFinal Statements (May, 2014)
A woman is obsessed with two things: reading the last words of executed prisoners online and renovating her elderly mother’s home. The one statement she wants, though, she can never find.  (Aside: online final statements are a real thing. I didn’t make that part up.)
Horror, suspense and family drama.
An earlier version of this story was published in the fourth issue of Independent Ink Magazine in 2011.


undertowUndertow (March, 2014)
A young girl goes on vacation and falls in love with the sea, a love that follows her for her entire life. Unfortunately, the ocean and its creatures take a shine to her as well.
Includes horror, mythological creatures, and the beach.
The original version of this short story was first published in The Wheel literary journal in 2003.


On the web:

Locavore, (October, 2011) a short fiction piece published in the final issue of The Battered Suitcase literary journal.

The Shift, (2009) flash fiction written for NPR’s Three Minute Fiction contest in 2009 and recognized on NPR’s website.

Journalism & Copywriting:

This is primarily a site about my fiction, but I am also a copywriter in the edtech and sales industry, and a journalist who covers pop culture, feminism, publishing and the comics industry.

My journalism and copywriting portfolio is here.

2 thoughts on “Short Stories and Other Work

  1. I’ve just read The Shift. It was wonderful work, very moving for me. You reminded me of things I’ve witnessed (when my mother was in the hospital so many times), with an eye for tying the emotional details with the physical ones. How wonderful to have your work recognized by NPR!

    I’ve also read your post about the work of revising — best of luck with all the concentration one needs for that. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading my work. I jumped over to your blog and enjoyed your work as well. The Shift was inspired by a trip to visit a friend in the hospital. I’ve toyed with the idea of expanding it, but haven’t quite gotten around to that yet.

      Best of luck with your writing, and thanks for stopping by.

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