The Resistance Cycle

Beware The Hawk novellaOne night, in Brooklyn, a young artist answers her cell phone. “The Resistance needs you in Boston tonight,” a gravelly voice tells her. She has no desire to get on a bus, but she is a member of the Resistance; she knows that when that phone rings, she has no choice.

So begins Beware the Hawk, the first book in The Resistance Cycle, a series of novellas set in the shadowy underbelly of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. It’s a post-terrorism, post-recession world: kids drop out of college for lucrative jobs as couriers for agencies they don’t understand, government officials are pressured into jobs they’re not qualified for, and danger threatens everyone involved.

EagleAndArrowCoverThe second book in the series,The Eagle & The Arrow, focuses on the next level of the Resistance organization. The book takes the reader to Washington, D.C. and explores both the aftermath of what happened in Boston and what the Resistance really is.

Both books are novellas, published by Battered Suitcase Press, and are available through both Battered Suitcase and through Amazon.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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