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Social media is an abomination. In fact, it’s my favorite abomination. Come and follow me! Listed below, in order of how much I use each, are my networks:47f346ae60e8ba16382e4dbc9ca84dd8



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One thought on “Follow me online

  1. Hi A.J. I read your article on BookRiot about self-publishing and, as a self-published author, felt compelled to respond. I am of the opinion that you should leave scathing reviews of self-published books. If you don’t, someone else will. And your may be more helpful than a random internet troll. I have read some scathing reviews of my book and, while my intial reaction alternated between rage and depression, it eventually was very helpful to my writing. Also, we work in a business in which opinions are arbitrary. For example, I hate the Red Badge of Courage and think it is a pointless novel. I would even post this opinion on Goodreads. Yet, it is considered a classic. If self-published writers cannot keep writing after scathing reviews, then perhaps they shouldn’t be writing. Moreover, this is a competitive business and you need to have an exceptional final product. If self-published writers aren’t willing to hire editors, graphic designers, and put the time into second and third rounds of edits then they need to reconsider their career choice. Or, at the very least, not have their feelings hurt when they recieve a scathing reviews. I say all of this because I made a lot of mistakes when I published my first book. I was somewhat arrogant and published it without really researching the art of self-publishing. I made so many mistakes that I am re-releasing and re-packaging the first book in my series. Honestly, I deserved the scathing reviews. I think most self-published writers, if they truly desire to be a good writer, evenutally appreciate and learn from these types of reviews. Thank you for writing this article. It really made me think about the value of reviews for self-published writers.

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