Band practice + Macbeth= Sound and Fury.


It's so good for a marriage when both partners share a common goal, isn't it?


I finally got to see the Patrick Stewart Macbeth this week. On Monday, I watched it with a friend, who was nice enough to record it and invite me over. We were very excited about this. Being the fancy ladies we are, we snacked on raspberry wine, cheese and crackers while watching Sir Patrick Stewart usurp the throne of Scotland. And while we were watching, there was a thunderstorm. How awesome is that? I felt like we were on a blasted heath! Well, if blasted heaths had wine and cheese and crackers, that is.

In fact, our plans for Monday were  doubly awesome, because our husbands have band practice at my friend’s  house on Mondays. So the plan was rehearsal/football game for them, Shakespeare for us.

Seemed like a good strategy too, but there were a few bumps in the road.

The boys were asked to keep it down, and they did. For a while. Continue reading