Undertow: the first piece in my short story experiment.

undertowSome things take me a while.

More than a year ago, I decided to release some of my previously-published short stories electronically on Amazon. So I waited for an evening when my husband was out, then climbed into the bathtub with a handful of seashells, a tube of red food coloring and a camera, because that’s what committed authors do.

Then I asked people to vote on the bloody seashell photos on my Facebook page. And then I started working on the short story itself, which was published in 2003 by a journal, but which I wanted to tweak.

I ended up tweaking it a lot. It took me a good year, and I didn’t post much about it, but I’m happy to announce that it’s done, the cover art is complete and the story itself is finally posted on Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the images last year. I look forward to my next project, which will probably involve me taking photos of rusty tools in a dark basement with just a flashlight as a light source.


NPR! N to the P to the Radio!

So, about two weeks ago one of my profs from F.U. had he administrator of our MFA program blast an email out to all the students in the program. The message was essentially this: “NPR has a short fiction contest. The deadline is in six days. Get on it.”

The contest, “Three Minute Fiction,” required writers to produce a story less than 500 words long. The first seven words of each piece had to be “The nurse left work at five o’clock.” The entries will be judged by James Woods of the New Yorker, but until then, NPR is posting a favorite story on its site each week.

Mine was posted this week. I don’t think I’ve stopped grinning.