Sunday was not Bridgeport’s day.

Sunday was not a fantastic day for Bridgeport.

My paper’s headline this morning? “Counted Out.” The CT Post/Connecticut Citizen Election Audit Coalition-sponsored vote recount turned up batches of uncounted ballots, and a one-in-four chance that if you cast a photocopied ballot on Nov. 2, your vote was miscounted.

Great. I’ve blogged about the botched election (we didn’t have enough ballots on Election Day) and the recount, but this finding is at least worth a post. That’s more than 1,000 misread ballots. I think my favorite part of the CT  Post’s article was Registrar of Voter Sandi Ayala’s comment when she was asked to respond to the findings. She told The Post that during the original tally, her workers were tired and working under stressful circumstances, “with cameras in their faces and microphones on top of the table where they’re trying to do a tally.” I agree with Ayala – her workers were under a lot of stress. But who let the press into the room where the tally was being done and why?

To top off the day, Seth MacFarlane mocked Bridgeport and Bridgeporters on Family Guy tonight. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be quite so stung – I’d be perversely proud that my city was on television – but today I’m smarting over the election fiasco. The coup de grace? A built-in preemptive strike against the letter I was about to start writing. Blah. The mockery is below, until Family Guy makes whoever posted it take it off YouTube.

Seth MacFarlane, you are to Bridgeporters as Mel Brooks is to the villagers in the beginning scenes of Men in Tights. That’s all I have to say this evening.