Honor societies, permenant hall passes, and the dangers of not checking your email.

So this week I got a voicemail telling me that I was extremely late (*ahem* two days past deadline *cough, cough*)  in returning my form to accept my nomination to  Alpha Sigma Nu, an honor society offered by Jesuit colleges.

I had no idea what the caller was talking about, but I called her back posthaste. Turns out the university had been trying to reach me for a good month, but I didn’t check my school email* and I lost the form they sent to me in the mail. Kind of embarrassing.

Instead of hiding in the comfortable cliché of the reclusive, flaky writer and saying “why thank you, I’ll get that form in immediately,” I instead made a fool of myself, blurting out something like, “Honor society? Me? Why me?” I didn’t get an answer because after a month of trying to get a hold of me, I’m sure the person on the other end of the line was wondering the same thing. Or maybe she gets this sort of lack of common sense in the honors program all the time.

Permenant hall pass. Oh yes; I still have it. It says “permanent.” Think it’s still accepted?

All joking aside, I’m kind of excited. The last honor society I was a member of was The National Honor Society in high school, and that came with social acceptance, a yellow card that served as a sort of  permanent hall pass and the privilege of not having to attend study halls. After that, nothing. I was a solidly mediocre undergraduate.

So this is pretty cool; it never occurred to me that I could get into an academic honor society by going to school for something I love; maybe in undergrad I should have just majored in English. My grades might have been a lot better.

So, Alpha Sigma Nu, do I get a hall pass?

*Having graduated, and never having been a big winner of awards, I never see any reason to check my grad school email.