A sequel update, and blogging for Geek Eccentric

It’s Superbowl Sunday and I have some fattening snacks to make, so I will keep this brief.

I got an email from my editor last night and the revisions to my Beware the Hawk sequel, The Eagle and the Arrow, are complete. The manuscript is headed to the copy editors now. This is exciting, because it means all the plot/character/setting/structure work is done and now all that remains is for people to correct my grammar.

Geek eccentric, geek girl

From the same photo session as the GE photo. I don’t know what the problem is. I think I look charming. It’s the communicator pin that makes me so. (See what I did there?)

Next, I am thrilled to announce that I am now also blogging over at Geek Eccentric, a site devoted to all things geekish. I joined the team there last week. My first post, which takes aim at the myth of the Fake Geek Girl and features an apparently horrendous photo of me (but how can a photo with Gandalf and a communicator badge even be horrendous? I don’t get it.) went up on Friday. Check it out.

I will be blogging about  – what else – geekiness and feminism. But no worries. I will still write about the plight of lady dwarves in Middle-Earth here, and indeed, I’m several weeks late in writing a post about dwarf women in The Hobbit. I’ll get on that. Promise.

So that’s it. I’m off to figure out what team I’m rooting for today, and to take a look at my Football for Dummies book so that I can remember what a down is. May the best team win.

“I can’t wait for A.J.’s monthly update on her New Year’s Resolutions,” said no one.

What I hope this blog will be after I finish all my little changes. (Image courtesy of Marc Falardeau.)

Which is why, although this is July 2, there is no resolution update here. Not today, at least.

The fact of the matter is, I am teaching a blogging course for my community college’s extended studies program, and I’ve spent a lot of time on class prep.

Ironically, the frequency of my own blog updates has suffered because of this. Not because I’m too busy to update, but my blogging course has prompted me to make some changes to what I do here. Most of my work on this blog has been more structural lately.

You may notice that some older content is disappearing. You may notice a change in my categories. You may notice a design change on some of the pages as well.

Actually, scratch that. Those are tiny changes.  I don’t think you’ll notice any of them unless you’re bored and spend a lot of time on this site. And by “a lot of time,” I mean “a stalkerish amount of time.”

What else is new?

I’m setting up some Beware the Hawk readings and getting my book into some Connecticut bookstores. Progress there is slow, so I can’t really tell you too much about some of the engagements until I get more details hammered out. I can tell you, however, that I will be reading at alumni day at Enders Island in Mystic, Connecticut on Thursday, July 19. I will be introduced by the delightful Kate Gorton. I will also be selling and signing books with the rest of the Fairfield University MFA alumni authors.

What else? I’ve been working hard on some creative endeavors, including a piece set in the Beware the Hawk universe.

I can’t say much about that piece because a.) it’s not done b.) no one has even remotely agreed to publish it and c.) it’s bad policy to do any egg-counting while your eggs are still inside the chicken. Also, that’s just messy.

Which reminds me, I still need some suggestions for my protagonist’s name. That contest ends on July 19.  I have a few suggestions, ranging from Sarah (as in Sarah Connor) to Rufus T. Firefly. For real. So I would love to have some more. Please comment or email or Facebook me with the name you think my protagonist should have.

I’m also working on two other projects, including a Snow White reboot. Because that’s what we need in 2012. More Snow White. You’re welcome, world.

Putting the “me” into “meme.”

I’ve been tagged in a meme by the estimable blogger Erin C., and while I don’t like to participate in memes because – like the chain letters of old – I hate passing them on to others, I feel I must acknowledge this one. Why? Because Erin is wonderful, I have a lot of respect for her writing and her work with social media, and because I am not going to Enders Island tomorrow and she is,  and I will miss her and all the other people who are still students with my MFA program. Also because I can’t resist the lure of answering personal questions.

The meme asks each blogger to post 11 things about themselves, to answer questions set by the blogger who tagged them and then to pose 11 questions of their own. So I’m going to meet it half-way. I’m going to list 11 things about me and then have done it with.

Fellow bloggers, if you read this, and you want to participate, consider yourself tagged:

11 Facts About Myself

  1. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time attending and participating in poetry slams.
  2. I’ve lived with  trichotillomania since early childhood.
  3. I once interviewed Bill Cosby and will tell that story to anyone who will listen.
  4. I cannot choose between dogs and cats. I don’t think anyone should have to.
  5. I swear I have a psychic link to world news. Sometimes I think of an event or a person and a story about the event or the person breaks within 24 hours. Unfortunately, I never know which premonition will yield a story.
  6. I hate macaroni and cheese.
  7. I was once in a band. You’ve ever heard of it. With any luck, this is the last you’ll hear of it.
  8. I have an e-book coming out next month.
  9. I have practiced beginners’ yoga for a decade.
  10. I used to speak Spanish. Todavía hablo en español a veces. But not well.
  11. My students spent a semester trying to teach me how to use “swag” in conversation.

Not bad for my first full year of blogging.

I’m going to be honest: WordPress pretty much wrote this blog post for me. I’m currently at my grad school residency, a twice-a-year, 10-day program for creative writing on an island with limited Internet access, so I haven’t really been checking my blog. I didn’t count on blogging at all while here, but then WordPress emailed me this summary of my 2010 activity at The Garrett and I had to share, because I’m amazed at what people want to read.

Apparently, people want to read about my uterus. And to think, that was the post I almost didn’t share.

Bizarre, right? It has been weird to watch the hits come in this year. People search for the weirdest things. I get a lot of hits on the post I did about Harry Willson Watrous’s painting, The Drop Sinister. I get clusters of hits on that one,  and I suspect that those hits are the results of field trips to the Portland Museum of Art. It’s especially strange to be notified when someone I don’t know finds my site through a Google search for TC Boyle, or Denise Mina, and ends up reading one of the craft essays I wrote for this grad program.

I’m happy when people want to read anything I’ve written, however, so I’m grateful for all my hits in 2010. Thanks to all the readers; I will blog more in 2011.

Below is WordPress’s information about my blog.

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