April: 2013 goals

Well, I’m a few days late on my new year resolution update this month, which is appropriate, since March was a month of backsliding for me. I was not on time at least three times this month, I barely blogged, ate a lot of desserts and have been behind on marketing.

The bright spots this month were writing and reading which are really the important goals, so that’s something. And I attended one of my conferences and applied for one and a half grants, and that’s something more.

Don’t care? That’s cool. Watch this video to see if you’ve got moves like Jabba.

My novel: This year I’m resolving to spend the first hour of every weekday working on my novel until it’s done, no matter what other projects come along.
I’m working off daily goals now. I try to write 500 words a day at least, and it is paying off. I’m well into the middle of the second rewrite, but I’m afraid that I might not be getting anywhere fast enough because I want this rewrite done by August.

Marketing: My goal is to spend an hour of each weekday working on marketing projects, including the upkeep of this blog, my social networks, reading up on marketing and emails to bookstores and libraries and reviewers.
I was doing well with the social media until I came back from AWP. Then I fell right off the wagon. I could blame a busy month, but everyone is busy and since I carry around a device that lets me post to the Internet in my purse at all times, really have no excuse.

Making a marketing plan for my new book: I have not put together a marketing plan yet.

Publishing: My goal is to publish three things that aren’t my upcoming book this year.
I didn’t send anything out in March. Best to wait until the AWP furor dies down.

Reading: My goal is to read 33 books in 2013, including one by Jane Austin and one by Charles Dickens.
I’ve read four books this month, Neil Stephenson’s 900+ page Anathem (despite the fact that I have a short attention span), Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, From These Ashes by Tamela Ritter and Bad Apple by Kristi Peterson Schoonover. Now, I’m now reading the 800+ page Game of Thrones, because I don’t learn from my attention-span mistakes. Although I must admit, Game of Thrones is moving quickly.

If it ends up disappointing me, at least it will up my page count.)

Conferences: Attend at least one new conference or retreat.
I went to AWP. I have another retreat coming up in July, but I need to find something new.

Grants: Apply for at least three fellowships or grants.
I’ve applied for an NEA grant, and I’m applying for a Connecticut Arts Endowment grant.

Weight: I feel most comfortable when I weigh within a certain five-pound range, and I am always two pounds away from that five pound range. For 2013, I would like to get within that range and stay there.
Still within my weight range. I did pop right out of that range in the middle of the month because when things get busy I gain weight, but I’m back where I want to be now.

Punctuality: I’ve been a late for everything since childhood. In an effort to put a stop to this, I’ve decided to put a dollar into a mason jar whenever I’m late for anything, and donate it to charity in a year.
Whoops. Seven bucks in the jar, and the sad thing is that I didn’t even remember to put this month’s three dollars in the jar until I had to type this up.

My big-picture goal: I’ve planned to look into all political issues I can, and make up my mind about how I really feel about them.

6 thoughts on “April: 2013 goals

  1. Man, that’s a crazy list of things! You’ll get there. Just keep a pretty steady pace and then the last few months of the year, CRAM ALL THE THINGS not done yet. Easy-peesy.

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