Here, have my notes from AWP.

I’ve been on about last week’s AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) conference since I got back home on Sunday. I promise this will be my last blog post about it.

Today I finally organized my notes from the panels I attended last week. Because I used Twitter for this (because it lets me take and pass notes at the same time which would not have been okay in high school but which is okay at a conference), I decided to compile the notes online, with Storify.

If you want those notes, you’re welcome to them. They are here.

They are a work in progress. I still haven’t mined my handwritten notes yet. I will be doing that and adding to the Storify story at some point when my eyes aren’t whirling from organizing my Twitter feed chronologically.

6 thoughts on “Here, have my notes from AWP.

  1. Thanks again for all these tweets! Next time I’d like to go, but if not, it’s nice to know I’ll be there in spirit through your ridiculously good note-taking.

    One question if you may, when you tweeted: We write for different reasons. Those reasons are handcuffs. – Julianna Baggott Do you remember what that meant exactly? I’m just curious…

    • Let me check my handwritten notes. I have more about the handcuffs; direct quotes and stuff, so I will see if I can decipher my scrawl and get back to you.

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