Needing a little Christmas.

20121223-091650.jpg20121223-091724I am happy to report that Gandalf is looking down on me from the top of our tree as I type this, surveying from his uncomfortable perch, a living room that’s so overdecorated, you’d never believe that two grown-ups who aren’t hosting even one holiday party live here.

20121223-091449Yeah. I kind of overdid Christmas this year.

20121223-091251Our house is more decorated than ever, the tree is so big that we had some problems fitting our furniture back into the living room, and carols have been playing more or less nonstop for the past two weeks.

I went nuts decking our halls, because we lost almost all our ornaments in the flood that came with Hurricane Sandy, but I went nuts on a budget, because I hate spending money unless I’m buying shoes.I made it work.

600051_10151136786859249_282079868_nInstead of buying decorations, I crafted like a bunch of preschoolers on go-go juice. I made a wreath and stockings and ornaments and cards and wrapped my husband’s presents using only aluminum foil, just because I could. Every night, there was a different project.

I stopped posting my creations to Instagram after someone commented on my apparent love of Christmas, but that didn’t stop me from making stuff. I needed to make stuff. Making stuff made me feel more sane, like I was rebuilding something, even if it meant that I ingested half a teaspoon of glitter in the process. And now, looking around our insanely festooned living room (it looks like a drag queen exploded in here) I think that my crafting binge may have helped.

I think I just needed the holiday. It’s been a bad couple of months in our area of the country, and so Christmas and a new year seem particularly welcome right about now.

So happy holidays to those who celebrate. Catch as much of the spirit, and the comfort, of the season as you can.card

7 thoughts on “Needing a little Christmas.

  1. I LOVE it! I haven’t decorated at all this year – I’ve had a lot going on, and we don’t invite anyone over for the holidays, and we go to see my family on Christmas, so there’s little incentive for me to do it. But I love to see houses decked out for the holidays.

    Once I use up all the holiday wrapping paper we have (which won’t be this year, but probably next year), I’m going to start using home-made watercolor wrapping paper (I’ll post a link on your Facebook page so you can see it). It’s going to be awesome.

    • That sounds so cool! I would love to see that wrapping paper.
      And I’m glad you like the new layout; the old one couldn’t handle everything I needed from it.

  2. I enjoyed your post immensely! I love your line about an overly festooned room yet no parties to host, it’s just for you. Sorry about your bad time w the stupid storm. I over decorated my home too, no parties planned and my college kids barely notice, but after losing my Mom recently I also felt the need to decorate and overdo it. She loved the season and the sparkly spectacle and I think I was channeling her enthusiasm. We will have cheery happy rooms to enjoy and relax in.
    Wish you Peace and Good Cheer!

    • I’m so glad you found my post, and also glad to have reached a fellow festooner. Sometimes you just have to decorate for yourself. Sorry to hear about your mom, but I think it’s wonderful that you’re decorating in her honor. Merry Christmas to you and your family

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