Spry is Live! (some favorites from the first issue of a new online journal.)

SpryA few months ago, I published an interview here with Erin Corriveau and Linsey Jayne, founders of Spry, a new literary journal that revels in the short form.

Well, my friends, Spry* is live.

Because Spry is about short powerful pieces, let me recommend three small pieces that pack a big punch: The Wake by Allie Marini Batts, a short piece which related personal disaster to natural disaster,  Genesis by Elizabeth Cooley, which imagines Western Civilization’s God as a creative child, and Reflections on my Parents’ Past, a surreal short story by Kate Alexander-Kirk, which furs the line between family member and beast.

These aren’t the only awesome pieces, of course, but they are some of my favorites. Please go to Sprylit.com and pick out your own faves.

*I’m proud to say that my MFA program is well represented in this issue. Erin and Linsey are as I’ve mentioned fellow Fairfield University MFA alums, but there are others involved. Classmate Cisco Covino is responsible for the ‘zine’s graphic design. Elizabeth Hilts and Barbara Wannamaker submitted essays which were accepted (and Spry only accepts blind submissions), and former faculty member and author Porochista Khakpour was featured in an interview.

2 thoughts on “Spry is Live! (some favorites from the first issue of a new online journal.)

  1. Thank you so much, AJ. I’m glad you loved those three
    pieces. I am so pumped to have the chance to publish Elizabeth and
    Barbara as well, since we stand 100% behind those blind
    submissions. It is always very exciting to accept a piece, but then
    when you realize you are accepting a writing friend, the excitement
    skyrockets. Also, there are more Fairfield alums who helped with
    this isse besides the ones you listed. Phil Lemos, Zac Zander and
    Richard Trueblood were readers for issue #1, and Kate Gorton was
    our proofreader. We were so lucky to have such great people behind
    us. (Hint, you might read about that in today’s installment of our
    editors’ letter)

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