Scavenger hunt winners!

It’s here! The 20th is here! That means two things:

1) My book is available as an actual, tangible volume. Look for it here!

2) You never have to see another scavenger hunt blog post from me again. (At least not for this book.)


It also means that we have scavenger hunt winners.

Now, I know that my original Scavenger Hunt rules said  – ahem:

The first person to complete all the missions will win a signed copy of the book and another prize: If the winner has an iPhone, he or she will get a Beware the Hawk skin for his or her phone. If not, I will offer the winner a tee shirt of his or her choice from my store.

The first five people to complete at least nine of the missions will get signed copies of the book.

Well, no one completed that many missions.But I still don’t feel like I can not reward some of the participants for joining me in 10 days of foraging ’round the Internet.

Below are all the folks who did participate, and the number of missions in which they participated.

UPDATE: E.S. Cameron submitted this photo after I updated, which puts her at 3, not 2. 

Ally :4

Mary-Jo :4

Alena :4

E.S. : 3

Heidi: 1

Tamela : 1

Linsey : 1

As you can see, Ally, Moj and Alena are my top competitors. They all completed four missions. and so they will all receive signed copies of my book. And I issue this challenge to you, ladies: If one of you pulls ahead of the pack in the next 24 hours by submitting just one more entry, you may have the tee shirt of your choice from my store. This includes the forbidden dwarf lady tee shirt which is no longer visible for copyright reasons. Send me an email at annjoconnell<at>gmail<dot>com with your street address and I will send out your swag.

Lastly, here is an impressive tattoo, submitted by New England poet Linsey Jayne. It is not her tattoo – she found it on the Internet. It is a T-Rex and Optimus Prime, battling for supremacy. Or high fiving. I’m not sure which. Thank you for participating!

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