A little accountability please: New Year’s resolutions, month one.

It was not my intention to post this evening. I had instead planned to kick up my heels at the casino, but I’m killing off the remainder of the cold that was bugging me at the beginning of the week, so I’m home, hanging with Phyllis. I was berating myself for for not updating my blog enough when I realized that whoops, it’s the fourth of February, and I completely forgot to check in with my progress on my New Years goals.

Now’s as good a time as any. It’s that, or watch The Hunt for Gollum again, and I don’t know if I can stand to watch fake-Aragorn whisper any more lines while he stares moodily into the camera. Here we go:

Finish the second draft of my novel by April. Well, I don’t know if I’m going to make the April deadline, but I’m sure as hell going to try. I have my copies of my first draft, and they’ve been given out to one of my writing groups. I also have my office mostly prepped for the writing/revision marathon that’s about to begin. All I need is to spend a day reading through my own first draft.

Get it sent to agents before summer. That will depend on how the revisions go.

Send out at least three short stories. I have sent out exactly no short stories, but I have workshopped one, and I plan to re-tool it and submit it to my next writing group. Then it’s getting sent right out.

Read one novel a month in 2012. I’ve read two since January 1: The Fellowship of the Ring and a novella, Jack the Theorist. So that’s one and a half. I’m finishing The Two Towers right now, and then I’m taking a Tolkien break to read Carry-On, a novel by Chris Belden, an MFA colleague of mine.

Make at least $20 off a piece of fiction. I may have done this already. My book Beware the Hawk was released last month, and I know some people purchased it, but I won’t see a royalty check for a while, so I have no idea if I’ve made $20 or not. Right now, it’s enough to know that I’ve made even one cent off my creative work. Until now, I’ve been paid in writing credits, contributors’ copies and warm fuzzy feelings.

I also set myself to work on two of my big conflicts, which I will write about in detail at the end of the year.

The conflicts were my feelings about my faith and my issues with anxiety. I did a little bit of brainstorming about the faith issue, but I was forced to begin work on the anxiety issue after a panic attack in January. Right now I’m sporadically reading a good book about dealing with anxiety in a conscious way, called The Mindful Way through Anxiety, but I still have a lot of work to do, if I’m going to be ready to write an essay at the end of the year.

So that’s that. Stay tuned for more Beware the Hawk-related posts soon. I have a guest post interview coming up in the next week, and I’m hopefully going to have more blog tour dates to announce soon!

4 thoughts on “A little accountability please: New Year’s resolutions, month one.

  1. Please remember that the release of Beware the Hawk did require quite a bit of effort on your part—the posting about it, the promotional activities, the responding to posts about it, the sending out of “bookplates” (thank you for mine, by the way—it’s cool to look up from my reading and see your message on my Kindle case).

  2. I don’t know how much you make per copy, but I bought a copy … and hopefully, all your other blog readers did, too! I’m busy with LOTS of homework (reading) and thesis stuff right now, but I hope to read it soon.

  3. Hi AJ. Well done on the book! I have a question for you – I have a Kindle, and also several apps on my iPhone which will let me read books. Can you explain the formats your book is in, so I can figure out which one to buy? It doesn’t look as though you have it on Kindle.

    • Hi Gabi! Certainly. The book is available from Amazon for viewing on the Kindle in a .mobi format. It can also be downloaded from my publishers’ site as a .mobi, but you’ll have to move the book over to your Kindle manually. If you want a format viewable on your phone, you can obtain that from Smashwords. Actually, Smashwords has a very comprehensive list of what formats work on what devices on their site.

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