Winter post

The sun is finally out, we have something like two feet of snow outside, and there are meter-long icicles hanging from our roof. The city of Bridgeport (which made a big fuss about us all moving our cars to let the snow plow through) has, in a time-honored tradition, not plowed our street.

The blizzard has left some of the U.B. students who live on our block dumbstruck. Most of our neighbors are international students, and some of them have never seen this much snow before. It’s pretty incredible to watch them emerge from their apartments and stand on sidewalk, just looking at the snow. Some of them ran around like kids. A couple of snowball fights broke out.

Since I have a lot of writing to do today, I’m not going to spend too much time writing this post.  But I thought I would post some winter pictures from this morning.

These guys aren't going anywhere for a while.

Ice on the bittersweet.

Very big icicles.

Feeding the birds.

Pigeons taking off.

Goober watches the birds.

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