Sister Transistor, or my overactive imagination.

It’s been a while since I blogged about anything embarrassing, so here we go.

I think I’ve mentioned that I have an overactive imagination and that I invent imaginary bands. That’s because I don’t believe that my inability to read music/write songs/play an instrument should keep me from feeling like a rock star. This system works well. I recruit other people who can’t play, and we have imaginary rehearsals, imaginary tours, with imaginary gigs at imaginary venues.

Does anybody else do this? Because I put a lot of mental energy into my longest-running project, Sister Transistor, an imaginary all-girl rock band.

Sister Transistor boasts a mixture of real and imaginary band members and a set list of covers which we pretend are original songs. We have lots of pretend drama: Our imaginary bass player, Pangaea is always threatening to quit and join the eco-terrorists who bomb Japanese whaling boats, while our pretend lead guitarist, Beth Hammerdown, recently attracted attention when she became a spokesperson for the Tea Party. It’s an imaginary public relations nightmare.

The whole band thing is an elaborate fantasy that’s been constructed, bit by bit, over the past three or four years. Until recently we were happy without an imaginary album, but since I was learning Photoshop this summer, I decided to use our debut album cover as my project.

Below are my top three album covers.

Album 3: I think scotch and cookies really captures the spirit of Sister Transistor.

Album 2: I recruited my husband as baker and photographer for this one. Pity the man.

Album 3: This might be my favorite. Sorry for eating with my mouth open.

UPDATE: I put my faux album cover on a tee shirt! And I will totally order it and wear it because no one will know who this band is, and that will make me the coolest kid on the block. I know. It takes a special kind of mental illness to make merch for an imaginary band. Actually, it takes a special kind of mental illness to make merch for a blog, but if the Bloggess can do it, so can I.

16 thoughts on “Sister Transistor, or my overactive imagination.

  1. Sister Transistor GOOD NIGHT!

    Ahhh, good times. I miss the band rehearsals, but not the drama! The bruising is healing quite nicely, thank you! :))

    I love your overactive imagination! And for allowing me to roam around in it occasionally.

    • No need to miss the band, Tam. If you want, we can schedule an imaginary gig to debut our imaginary album this very evening! Oh, and since you’re actually in the band, which album cover do you like best?

      • Awesome! I can definitely go for some virtual band practice and then yes! Gig in DC…we never get any good bands down here. 😦

        A European trip would be lovely, but I’m not sure if Pangaea will make it past customs.

        As for cover…this is how easy I am to please, first one cover, second back cover and third one liner notes y/y/mfy?

  2. I will see your delusions and raise them.

    I’m not sure if you’ve read this part of my novel, but there’s a character named Blair. Blair has a band called Hot Layer of Irony. A couple friends and I have decided that after the novel, this band goes on to be moderately successful in indie circles. I’ve given them a couple album covers, and last year I really went nuts. I plotted out an entire US tour for them. And made a tour poster.

    … Their opening band was comprised entirely of fictional characters as well. Maybe next time they can tour with Sister Transistor? I know they’ve been dying to head over to Europe.

    • Damn, woman. A tour? I’m impressed. Did you do the drawing on the poster?

      Anyway, if Tamela (the first commenter) is cool with it, we would love to do an imaginary tour with them! We haven’t toured Europe yet!

      • I usually go overboard with everything. it’s true.

        No no, I just found that nifty image via google. I can’t draw worth a damn.

        I’ll bring it up to the band members and let you know!

  3. <>

    Well, I have a fictitious rock band in my novel. I don’t participate in imaginary jams with them — then again, if I’m thinking about their music in my head, technically I guess I am jamming with them.

  4. I have imaginary characters who live in context-free universes.

    There is a noir / James Bond-y fellow named Carmichael Stoent (pronounced ‘stent’) and an alien girl / prodigy / military leader named Sselsamirror Brightly.

    I have no idea what to do with any of them.

  5. <>

    Hydroplane. Come to think of it, I think they made a brief appearance on the radio in the excerpt that we workshopped withn Nalini.

    • If you officially join Hydroplane as a member, I think we have the makings of a pretend music festival, what with Heather’s band and Sister Transistor.

  6. My imaginary blog has spawned an imaginary punk band: passive aggressive pit fight. The guitars look a lot like my cats in the mental wanderings..

    • I definitely need the backstory on the passive aggressive pit fight. And also, why not have a not-so-imaginary blog? I would totally read your blog.

  7. Very entertaining AJ. Well done! Let me know when your first imaginary concert is. I’ll put it on my ‘pretend’ calendar. Jane

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