The October deadline SNAFU.

Oh man.

I had all these things I wanted to post about today: Being in touch with my inner monkey, my imaginary all-girl rock band, why I hate Fight Club, my burning desire for a Fulbright, a newfound love of M.I.A., strong verbs vs. modifiers, natural selection, trichotillomania and my unrequited teen crush on Wil Wheaton.

These are all the things sitting in my queue of unfinished posts. Sadly, they won’t see the light of day for a while, because I’m buried under an MLA manual, an essay, my students’ midterm grades and several disorganized pages worth of novel. Blah. No fun.  Adding urgency to this is the fact that I (like Erin) promised myself I would post to this blog once a day (well, once a weekday) for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, that means you all get this snore-inducing post for today. I’m actually not even going to announce this lame-o post on Facebook or Twitter. Sorry about this. I will try to be more interesting tomorrow.

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