Deep breaths.

This Wednesday brings the fall semester student reading for my MFA program. I’m one of the readers, which is very cool, because I’m going to be trotting out my new novel. Still it’s terrifying, because I never know how I’m going to react when I get to that podium.

As I was explaining to a fellow student over the weekend, it all depends on the space.

I once did a reading with such a loud rushing in my ears that I couldn’t even hear my own voice. I was so relieved to get away from the podium that I left a pile of important papers on it, and only remembered them hours later. But then again, I did a reading this summer and I was fine. Granted, I had a drink in me before I got up to read, but I don’t actually think I needed the drink. That reading was in a smallish crowded room. The first, terrifying reading? That was done from the pulpit of a church.

Wednesday’s reading is being held in a Borders. And while I’ve spent many hours happily shopping in that space, I don’t know how I’ll feel reading there. I guess we will see.

7 thoughts on “Deep breaths.

  1. I personally loved reading in Borders back when I did it in May. There were more books listening than people, and I think that helped. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that makes sense, so it may not help you.

    Now I’m wondering if I can swing a trip down to Fairfield on Wednesday… I want to hear your new novel so badly!

    Anyway, good luck!

    • Thanks Heather. I’m hoping that the “more books than people” aspect of the reading makes the reading easier. I’ve been working on my reading tonight, so maybe rehearsal will help, too.

      I hope you do come down. It’s always cool to see peeps from the town of Water. My parents are coming down from Watertown, too, actually.

        • We can all dress in the orange and black. Actually, never mind. You were spared the WHS colors. We can all wear St. John navy blue and gray.

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