The usual third-semester complaint.

After last week, I am so pumped up about my work.

In the last seven days, I made several positive steps on my novel.  I’ve been working on two novels and in the last several days, I made a difficult decision about which of the two novels I’m working on to pursue. I made some contacts who will help me with that novel. I Netflixed material to help me research the novel and I wrote like a madwoman.

I am so excited about the novel that anyone within earshot has been assaulted with my plot. I haven’t been this excited about a piece of fiction since high school.

So of course, it’s worked out that this is the week when I have to put the novel aside to write the first draft of my third semester project. This is annoying, because a few weeks ago I was so excited about my thesis that I would have gladly tossed the novel by the wayside to work on the project.

Ah well. I have no choice. I have a deadline, and I’ll be able to write both my novel and my project, but I’m irritated that I have to split my time between the two.

11 thoughts on “The usual third-semester complaint.

  1. I’ve obviously not been within earshot, though I wish I were.

    This is a frustration, but the truth is this: you’re a writer, so you will write. And you know how to budget your time.

    • Thank you, Hilts. This project is just a pain in the arse right now. I remember you blogging or commenting on Facebook last semester about working on your project while you were dying to be writing. Well, I totally get that now.

  2. Very exciting to hear how the novel is going for you, but maybe a little time away from it will be helpful? Although I put my third semester project in the corner and am trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • Hey – thanks for commenting. I tried to reply to your comment, but for whatever reason, WordPress ate my response to you. Anyhow, what I had tried to write to you is that I understand about deadlines. I hate them, but would never get anything done without them. Thanks for stopping by. I will have to check out your blog.

  3. What I admire so much about you is your ability to absolutely throw yourself so quickly and so completely into your work whether it be novel or 3rd semester project.

    It takes me so long to get into writing it’s painful!

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Tina. Honestly, I’m not always like this – I procrastinate all the time and spend weeks avoiding my writing. But now that I’m not going to a job every day, I’m making writing and school my jobs. If I didn’t, I’d feel like I was wasting this lovely year off from a full-time job.

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